What began as an entry-level office job after High School became a lifelong career for James Reid. Starting with Superior Casket Company in Toledo, Ohio he worked his way to become Salesman and Part Owner of the company. The inability to keep up with rising material costs and the weakening effects of the sacrifices during the Second World War caused the failure of the company in the early 1950's. Heavily in debt, personal bankruptcy was never an option. Jim went to work for Hasmer Brothers Casket Company in Chicago and eventually paid off his indebtedness. Jim worked as a salesman for Coble Casket in Richmond before becoming a salesman for the prestigious Chicago Casket Company of Chicago. During these changes Jim always kept Toledo as his home base and the Northwest corner of Ohio and Lower Michigan as his territory.

Railroad shipping of caskets was prevalent during these days but Jim was quick to see that the delivery to the funeral home was a key to the future. Another key became the warehousing of caskets for faster delivery. In 1961 Jim opened the first Reid Warehouse in order to store caskets for delivery. During delivery his son Tom, then eleven years old, became a familiar fixture to local funeral directors. Father and son working together were clearly forging a family business.

Seeing the growing strength of large manufactures and the thinning ranks of smaller manufacturers Jim chose the other end of the spectrum, small family owned casket companies. Jim and Tom together formed James Reid and on Casket Company in 1968, taking over the billing and the ownership of the inventory. From this point forward any changes in suppliers would have slight impact on his customers and the products. Chicago Casket Company ceased manufacturing in the early 1970's but the best caskets have continued to be offered in the Reid Line by a brokerage method to shop the different components of the casket and affect the assembly. Doing this they are still offering the Chicago Casket Company "Pillar Casket" first cast in 1926. Today it is essentially the same casket.

James, Beth

Consistent growth caused the need for larger facilities many times over the years and today the company is located at 3240 Monroe Street in a fifteen thousand square foot facility which is ideal for both present and future needs. "We are about twenty minutes from any of our close customers" says Tom Reid "and with four delivery trucks of various sizes this helps us maintain a reputation for fast efficient service."

Today Reid Casket Company is enjoying an anniversary of Thirty-Six years as an independent entity. Today the company slogan, coined by Tom Reid in 1968 and still proudly advertised today, serves as a mission statement, "Serving those who serve the community." Jim Reid agrees and sums it up: "Its our family helping a family business, helping the families who call them in time of need." Serving people gets into your blood it becomes a part of you and itís not about the money.

Small independent casket companies have always led the way in this industry. Fiberglass Caskets, Stainless Steel Caskets and Personalized Caskets have always been the hallmark of a small casket company. Referred to as Boutique Casket Companies by the large corporations, the Reid's see this as both a compliment and a strength. This is our niche where service and quality excel.

A small company has to position itself so it has only two types of competition, those unwilling to perform your function and those unable to perform your function. Reid Casket Company is continuing the change and grow, which will enables us to make products that have both meaning and function to those who select our caskets.

Serving Those Who Serve The Community

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